If you want to join Canine Friends Pet Therapy
and you are happy to follow our Code of Ethics and our Rules,
then please fill out the online application form below

Our Code of Ethics

Because you will be working in a position of trust with vulnerable people it is essential that you: 

  • respect the rights, privacy and dignity of the people you visit
  • treat every person you meet with courtesy and consideration
  • accept personal responsibility for meeting your agreed schedule of visits
  • treat all information you gain during visits as confidential
  • operate as a volunteer seeking no financial reward

Ground Rules 

As a member you agree to follow these rules which keep the organisation and yourself within professional boundaries. You will:

• keep your dog on a lead at all times… no choke chains or retractable leads are to be used
• visit only the homes, hospitals or other institutions assigned to you
• maintain a positive relationship with key contacts at the places you visit
• advise your contact promptly if your visit cannot be made
• wear your Canine Friends identity… scarves for dogs and badges for owners
• take only Canine Friends-approved dogs on visits
• ensure your dog is well groomed (bathed, brushed) for visits
• maintain a high standard of personal presentation yourself
• maintain contact with your Canine Friends liaison officer... letting them know if you are going away or cannot visit for any other reason
• familiarise yourself with the membership management system and the communication and information services and material it offers to members
• interact with the people you are visiting
• keep a close eye on your dog at all times to ensure that there are no signs of stress
• do not take other people with you, especially young children who may distract your attention from your dog and the person you are visiting
summing up… one dog, one handler!

Canine Friends Pet Therapy is a registered NZ Charity 

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