Although our main focus is on visiting the elderly in rest homes and hospices, there has been an increasing interest within the medical fraternity who are now recognizing the amazing stress reducing & healing benefits that our Therapy dogs have for patients in the larger General City Hospitals. 

Canine Friends Pet Therapy is striving to increase our presence in hospitals and we have successfully placed volunteers at many city and provincial Hospitals nationwide.

We understand the stringent requirements that are expected of our volunteers and their dogs. These Pet Therapy teams are special, in that they have to cope with an extremely alien environment, tight areas, lifts, stairs, strange machines and noises, along with many types of people that include staff, patients and family members. 

Click here to see a TVNZ clip about Oxford the Labrador and his owner Rick who visit at Wellington hospital.

Canine Friends Pet Therapy is a registered NZ Charity 

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