The assessment will be at a shopping centre, in a public building such as a pet store or garden centre or in a rest home. Canine Friends dogs must be friendly, outgoing (but under good control), calm, well behaved and have good food manners. A rest home, hospital or hospice can be an overwhelming environment so it is important your dog is comfortable with unusual noises, wheelchairs, walking frames, mobility scooters, medical equipment and trolleys.

If your assessment is successful you will be given an information leaflet with details of how to pay your membership subscription. Upon receipt of your subscription a new member’s pack will be sent which contains a name badge for you, a scarf for your dog, a member’s guide, other material you will need when you start visiting and a small gift from our sponsor.

If either the assessor or you consider there are some issues, these will be discussed and if appropriate a second assessment will be arranged in the future.

Upon receipt of a membership application you will be contacted by a Canine Friends Pet Therapy liaison officer or assessor in your area to arrange an assessment. Whilst the emphasis will be on your dog, you will have the opportunity to discuss Canine Friends work to ensure this is right for you.

You will be asked to produce your dog’s health record card and history of worm and flea treatments.

The assessor will be looking at the rapport you have with your dog, your awareness of your dog’s behaviour and your ability to converse with those you are visiting.

Canine Friends Pet Therapy is a registered NZ Charity 

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