Home Visits

As a society, we have moved away from large institutions into home-like or at-home living for those that may have a variety of health issues, whether that be ongoing physical disability, mental illness or palliative care.  Once again, the strong healing power that animals, and especially dogs, have for these people cannot be denied.  Just patting, cuddling or walking a dog can help calm the overly active, bring out the introverted and generally heal the heart.  Hence, there has been an increase in one-on-one visit requests. 

The owner/dog teams are recruited from our existing membership and, once again, have to be very special in having an understanding and empathy towards those in need.

Because of the sensitivity of this area, all visits must be accompanied by a third person and they are only arranged on a case-by-case basis.  These placements can sometimes be a temporary situation rather than ongoing.  

Canine Friends Pet Therapy is a registered NZ Charity 

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